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SOLD OUT Blue UV Lights Purifier

SOLD OUT - DUE TO HIGH DEMAND WE ARE SOLD OUT The Blue UV Lights is a best seller, used in homes and businesses across the world. This air duct or HVAC mounted ultraviolet light system features germicidal UV-C lights that are high output to kill living germs such as viruses, bacteria, mold and other airborne pathogens. (And you can add OxyCat Version II to it too for $59.95 (retails for $79.95 by itself) by selecting it above. OxyCat is a photo catalyst to fight odors and volatile organic compounds.) If you decide to add the OxyCat accessory to your order it will arrive pre-installed on the UV lamps. OxyCat should last the life of your system, but at times needs replacement after about 5 years, depending on conditions within the HVAC system (humidifiers degrade OxyCat over several years). This UV light disinfectant system sanitizes the air you breathe as it is circulated throughout the ventilation system (and cleans air conditioning coils of sludge buildup, mold, etc. at the same time). Applications 800 square feet and above. For larger homes with multiple air handlers (furnaces) you should install 1 on each for maximum protection from living organisms. Maximum Coverage No more than 10,000 square feet, unless you are installing multiple units in multiple HVAC systems. Mounting Options Can be mounted to metal or fiber air ducts (select above). Can also be mounted on plywood cold air intakes, which are common in Florida and other southern states. Wiring: Arrives with a standard 6 foot power cord that plugs in. Select this optional configuration above: Hard wire (8 feet of 3 conductor flexible conduit for direct connection to power.) This ultraviolet light air purifier sterilizes the air as it sanitizes all day long. (sometimes referred to as a UV air sanitizer or cleanser for air ducts)._ This item comes standard for 120V / 60Hz (household voltage) and optional universal voltage up to 280V. Overseas customers should choose Universal Voltage so your UV air purification system can operate at 50 or 60Hz, and at any voltage from 110 up to 280 Volts. Commercial / Marine use upgrade of an average 2,000 available. This UV air purifier uses only 0.5kwh of electricity. That translates to an average U.S. power cost of $16 to $24 per year, and that's with the UV air purifier running 24/7! (depending on your electric rates). What's Included: You will receive the UV air system with two UVC Light bulbs (germicidal), mounting screws (or anchors for fiber ducts), and a pilot hole drill bit. Inside the packaging you'll also find plastic gloves for handling UV lamps and an illustrated installation guide, along with a warranty document for the power supply box that runs and monitors this system. CaluTech UV has made it real easy for anybody to do. What you need to install this UV air purifier: You will need a power drill, a phillips screwdriver, and a 2 inch hole saw (available at any home center or hardware store. Bi-metal hole saw preferred). This ultraviolet light system is our most popular UV air sanitizer for Heating, Ventilation & Refrigeration contractors. In addition, it's also our most popular UV system for homeowners looking for a whole home UV air purifier. Now you can easily transform your furnace or central air conditioning system into the largest ultraviolet light air sterilization system in town! Installation averages 10 to 15 minutes and it's pure DIY (do-it-yourself) or your local heating / AC service company can install it for you! SOLD OUT SOLD OUT SOLD OUT

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