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Ultraviolet Air Purifier


Ultraviolet air purifier for 500 to 5,000 square feet

Dual Single Lamp Ultraviolet Air Purifier


Only $659

Some prefer to install an ultraviolet air purifier on their cold air return and another over their condenser coil (sometimes called A Coil). Now you can with just one ultraviolet air purifier, the CaluTech DSL.

Another reason for this ultraviolet air purifier is greater installation ability. Some furnace and air conditioning systems, or ventilation systems, did not allow enough room to install the traditional CaluTech Blue ultraviolet air purifier, but with the CaluTech DSL you can easily mount the power supply unit anywhere space permits, and mount the UV lamps where they need to be! The UV lamp boxes are only 1" tall and 3" square with enough cord to reach where they need to go.

No Longer Stocked - Email us to Special Order

The CaluTech DSL is an ultraviolet air purifier and sterilizer similar to the CaluTech Blue ultraviolet air purifier. The difference is flexibility. Now you can install the ultraviolet lamps where you want. The DSL (Dual Single Lamp) features two UV lamps that are detached from the regulated power supply unit allowing installation of each lamp in a separate location. Why buy two ultraviolet systems to get the air on the cold air return and the hot side when you can install one DSL? ultraviolet air purifier
Item No Longer Stocked - Contact Us To Special Order

Now you can sterilize incoming air flow on the cold air return plus sterilize air flow on the exhaust side! Mount one UV lamp on the cold side and mount one UV lamp over the air conditioning condenser coil to burn off mold, kill bacteria, and eliminate allergens, airborne pathogens, and viruses! Another option would be to install both lamps at the coil, or both in the return air duct.

Larger units custom built are available for larger applications, such as large office buildings, large warehouses, factories, surgery units, medical facilities, etc. Please contact us if you require a UV air purifier for over 10,000 square feet.

The CaluTech UV air purifiers have dual double tube ultraviolet uv-c germicidal lamps for maximum efficiency. CaluTech DSL and CaluTech Blue ultraviolet air purifiers are manufactured by CaluTech, Inc. and are sold to the public.

DSL Ultraviolet Air Purifier:

End of life circuitry - Delivers safe operation by preventing potential lamp melting or cracking.

Thermal heat disipation- Prevents lamp cycling or premature failure. Soldered copper leads ensure years of trouble free operation.

Specialized Lamp starting-Extends lamp life 20%.

Operates below 30 Khz, above 20 Khz.- Safe for areas using IR controls.

Voltage: Standard 110-120v household current.
UV lamp wattage: 72 watts (2 X 36)

The Original CaluTech Clear Air UV Air Purifier, now known as the CaluTech Blue with its advanced features and strong reliability.

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Air purifiers, ultraviolet air purifiers, uv air purifiers.


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