Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation

UVGI: a method of air purification, sterilization & sanitation to eliminate germs, biohazards, viruses and bacteria

Whole House UV Air Purifier

transform your furnace or HVAC - A/C into a massive air purifier
uv air purifier

Our 'Blue Series' UV lights consist of 3 main models, the 'Mini-Blue', the 'Blue UV Lights' and the 'Blueray'. These systems are sterilizing air around the world right now in homes, commercial establishments and industrial facilities every second of every day.

Commonly referred to an HVAC UV Air Purifier, these systems utilize your existing ventilation system (Furnace / Central air conditioner) for maximum air purification, improving indoor air quality and eradicating germs.

Previously, indoor air inside a home was considered to be 3 to 5 times more polluted than the air outdoors. However, modern technology has revealed the real truth. Indoor air is often as much as 100 times more polluted than the outdoors.

In addition, indoor areas with high humidity or moisture often become breeding grounds for airborne pathogens such as mold spores, viruses and bacteria. In summary:

  • UV-C light stops germs from multiplying so they die off
  • UV-C light kills airborne pathogens & improves indoor air quality

Now you & your family can breathe with confidence, knowing the air you breathe is free from a vareity of pollutants from threatening pathogens to allergens.

(Microorganisms contain nucleic acids which react with UV-C light at 253.7nm (light wavelength) This results in the destruction of the organism's DNA, causing its failure to reproduce or infect humans or animals, which in turn kills the entire colony).


UVC light is mainly filtered out by the Earth's ozone layer, where only UVA and some UVB light actually get through.

By creating pure UVC light through our devices we are harnessing that hidden power of the sun on the other side and directly exposing that massive power to the air we breathe, sterilizing it.

View our easy to install whole house UV Air Purifiers and get started with a simple DIY installation project that takes 10 to 20 minutes but offers near overnight results that lasts for years.

Commercial & Industrial

For over 14 years we've manufactured custom fit systems...

From vehicles to single storefronts to entire warehouses, oil rigs, ships and beyond, we've been making custom products for our clients when an off the shelf product doesn't fit the job.

If you're a contractor or an enterprise business and need UV lights for air sanitation, sterilization or purification we can design and manufacture UVC light systems that custom fit your application.

To get started simply follow our 'contact' button and fill out the form describing what's needed. We'll reply within 24 hours with the information we need to get you a free quote. Eventually, we'll ask for the following:

  • Photos of ventilation systems, in & out
  • Interior duct or AHU measurements
  • Average interior temperature
  • Airflow / CFM of systems
  • Square footage, ceiling heights, etc.
  • Any known air quality / sick building issues

Sick building syndrome, at the workplace, is known to reduce employee productivity and reliability. Employees are often found to use more sick days in a sick building.

image: Contact Us for a custom UV air purifier quote

<-- Get a free quote on a custom built UV sterilization system for your facility.

Often when employees work in a sick environment they feel a sense of relief after leaving work. Many times the problem is evident when employees continually complain of ongoing headaches, nausea, coughing, dry skin (or itchy skin), problems concentrating on their work, eye and nose irritation, dry throat, fatigue, and increased sensitivity to odors.

Learn more about SBS and what you can do about it with our past research on Sick Building Syndrome.

UV Purifiers for your Home

Our whole house air purifiers you can install yourself Looking for replacement UV lamps?

Mini-Blue UV

Mini Blue UV Lights

For homes under 1,400 square feet, cottages, mobile office, small condos with HVAC. Manufactured since 2001.

Kills germs like bacteria & viruses. These are also used in Ambulances and mobile medical vehicles for air sterilization & reduction of airborne viruses.

Blue UV Lights

Blue UV Lights

Our best seller. For homes 1,400 to 2,500 square feet and single storefronts (strip malls). Manufactured since 2003.

Kills bacteria & viruses along with weak mold. Can also be used in larger areas but one system should be installed in each air handler (where multiple HVAC systems exist).

Blueray High Output UVC

Blueray high output ultraviolet germicidal UVC air purifier

For homes 1,000 to 4,000 square feet. Features more power for destruction of mold spores. Manufactured since 2004.

Kills mold, most airborne bio-terrorism organisms, bacteria & viruses. Install one per air handler (if multiple HVAC systems exist). Also recommended for high humidity regions.

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