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    What great customer service and standing behind your products! I am so glad I bought Calutech
    Paul Y.

  • RECEIVED AUGUST 30, 2013
    I have to tell you my constant sinus infections are gone and I'm sleeping better. I had also purchased a single tube unit (with the Snapcat) that I installed in my giant HEPA air cleaner.
    R. Ross

    I bought my CaluTech UV Light several years ago and have been extremely
    satisfied with its performance. Better yet it is a great company that
    provides excellent customer service and stands behind their products 100 %
    Steve Roberts, Naples, Florida

    We had 'dirty sock syndrome' or whatever they call it. Last year UPS delievered the Blue UV lights (9002CB) that I had ordered on Christmas Eve, and I installed it that evening on our Goodman 3 ton package unit with heat pump, it's an outdoor unit. I installed on the side of it and turned it on. The drip pan was so bad it took a month for your UV air purifier to take it all away, but it's been fine ever since, all the odor is gone.
    Mark Binkley, Waverly, Tennessee

    The AirBox smoke eater is fantastic on removing smoke. They work very well. We've been using 2 of them for about a year now.
    Larry Sarbasula, Houston, TX

  • RECEIVED JUNE 1, 2010
    Initially, very pleased with the unit and the clean air which we hadn't had since before Katrina.
    D. Talley, New Orleans, Louisiana

    I love my UV light, it has helped our home a ton.
    J. Arent, Melbourne, Florida

    I purchased your Blue version that I installed in my home about 5 years ago... it was a lifesaver for my son with asthma and allergies.
    Sharon Coward, New Jersey

    My name is Captain Ron Inman and I am the property manager for Mr. & Mrs. Hedberg in Manalapan, FL. About 4 years ago I installed your products in all seven of the air conditioners in their house and guest house. The air quality has been unmatched and enjoyed by all that have come to visit their Florida home. The rooms can be closed up for weeks and will smell as fresh when they are opened as the day they were closed. There has also been a significant drop in illness in the house by residents and their staff. I was so impressed with the air quality that I purchased an additional unit for the A/C unit in my personal home.
    Capt. Ron Inman, Manalapan, FL.

    I think the UV is very effective to clean up the indoor air because my wife and I no longer have allergy symptoms. Thanks for your products and good service.
    Yunxiang Fan

    We've had your UV air purifier in our air duct for 6 years. Two days ago we received our replacement UV bulbs with the OxyCat. We've always used just plain UV bulbs before this, and decided to spend the extra $40 to see what the difference is. We are absolutely amazed at the difference in our home's air with OxyCat added. Your UV system always worked great but OxyCat makes it even better. No pet odors, no musty basement, and the window mold in our basement was gone in 48 hours. Keep up the good work!
    John McCain, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

    CaluTech Note: This is not former presidential candidate John McCain

    Boy they work good (9002CB). I really like them.
    Ted Golden, Portland, Oregon

  • RECEIVED AUGUST 20, 2008
    All the mold was gone in 2 days. It works!
    Ed Meyer, Grand Prairie, Texas

  • RECEIVED AUGUST 14, 2008
    The room UV air purifier looks good and has good air output. I will probably buy one soon for my studio away from home. I consider you guys geniuses and consider myself lucky to own one.
    Pete Morelli

  • RECEIVED JULY 7, 2008
    I purchased this unit some time last year and it has worked great.
    WS Grant, Stamford, Connecticut

  • RECEIVED MAY 22, 2008
    We own several of your tabletop UV light / OxyCat purifiers, and are happy with them.
    Neven Jurkovic, San Antonio, Texas SoftMath.com

  • RECEIVED APRIL 09, 2008
    We have had one of your units on our HVAC unit and love it. In fact, have recommended your product to several friends and neighbors.
    Doug Durkie, Port Charlotte, Florida

    It amazed me. Used to see the dust in the sunlight at every window. Don't see any dust anymore, and this OxyCat...the water in the coils drip pan is so clean I wouldn't be afraid to drink it. The dog odor, gone. We also started itching like crazy with the unit off. You have a good product! If any customer wants a reference you can give them my number.
    Earl Jackson, Piedmont, South Carolina

    I just can't say enough about your UV air purifiers! Your products are wonderful. I still just can't believe it worked overnight, just wonderful! The air was so different in just one day. We have your furnace air duct UV lights in our Illinois home with the Snapcat and we're ordering the CaluTech UV lights air purifier for our Naples, Florida home. The Snapcat is unbelievable. Thanks for such a wonderful product!
    Lois Leum, Rockford, Illinois and Naples, Florida

    I have had the 9002CB for about 10 months now and it seems that our household respiratory problems have improved. This past month both my wife and I have had problems with virtually the same symptoms. When I checked my unit, I found that the blue LEDs were not lit. (this customer found our product improved their respiratory symptoms but when it was off they came back. Another sign that these UV products definitely make a difference!)
    Terry Real, Fairfax, Virginia

    Thanks again for the unit (9002CB). Everything went quick and easy. Will see you in a year for new bulbs.
    Dean Abate, Palos Park, Illinois

    Received your package on 9/5/07 at 4:30pm Eastern. The unit was installed this morning at 8:30am on 9/6/07 and the unit is working just fine. I would like to thank you very much for the good service that you gave me. Now I can breathe again and my eyes have stopped 'crying', and my wife can stop dusting! (All this the same day it was installed! Results vary but this is not uncommon)
    Rene Lajoie, Rockledge, Florida

    We had our furnace/air conditioner inspected today and the technician commented several times on how good the units appeared after considering their age. I'm sure that CaluTech was responsible for a major part of it! ....Looking forward to installing the new lamps!
    Robert Covell, Walkersville, Maryland

  • RECEIVED MAY 7, 2007
    I am amazed how poorly we breathe at home when the system is not functioning. We love the product.
    Jeff Arent, Brevard County, Florida

    I purchased Model 9002CB with two additional replacement lamps in Dec 05 or Jan 06 for installation in my new Trane 15.25 SEER AC system with new ductwork. I just replaced the lamps and I am ordering more for next year and I am trying the SNAPCAT as well this time. I tell everyone who will listen about this product, which I consider well worth the money and far superior to the tiny units sold at local air conditioning suppy houses and not promoted by most AC repair techs. They almost all tell you UV isn't worth it and doesn't work. The tiny units they sell for $350 probably don't work as good as mine. Along the gulf coast the high humidity means mold problems in homes including AC systems. There are so many homeowners mold claims that insurance companies have limited their coverage. You have a great product and I feel it should be installed in every new and existing home from Brownsville. TX to the Florida Keys. We could tell the difference almost immediately upon installation.
    Jimmy Conner, Corpus Christi, Texas

    Thank you for the quick delivery. WOW was this easy to
    install. I had to install this unit on the fiberglass duct as I did not have any
    metal ducts. (Calutech provides a bracket for fiber ducts, free!)
    Steve Young

    I just wanted to submit this testimonial about the Super Blue and Snap Cat that I received and installed in my home. The entire household (two adults and two children) all suffer from allergies that require allergy injections three times a week! After installing the UV system and running the air handler's fan on constant, we have noticed a remarkable difference in our health! This product truly works tohelp relieve these allergy symptoms and I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone. The system also was very easy to install and has been mounted 8" above the a-coil for added benefits! Thank you for making such a quality product!
    Rusty Wilmoth, Winfield, West Virginia

  • RECEIVED AUGUST 11, 2006
    The installation itself was easy and straight forward.
    Ralph Collins, High Ridge, Missouri - Washington University in St. Louis

    I purchased a model 9002DS CaluTech Dual Single Lamp/DSL/UV-C System on 4/4/2005. A potential customer from Florida named "Harold" called today for my opinion on your product. I said I recommend your product and that you are a "First Class Company" to deal with. My wife also spoke with him and told him she feels better and the house always smells fresh and clean. He said he had talked to 3 other people and they all said the same thing. He said he was going to buy a unit.
    Larry Brister, Greenville, Florida

  • RECEIVED APRIL 28, 2006
    Last October you sold me a small custom UV light for my Clothes Closet. I run it about 40 minutes a day. I have the best smelling closet in town, it
    is wonderful!!!!!
    Randy Boettjer, San Clemente, California

  • RECEIVED APRIL 17, 2006
    We installed the CaluTech Mini Blue UV unit on 1/6/06. It worked fine and gave noticeable relief. Thank you for your advice and concern--signs of a customer-friendly vendor. We are happy to add that we will probably order the larger unit for our son's house.
    Joe Margotta, Plainfield, Illinois

  • RECEIVED MARCH 20, 2006
    Install went well. Unit is much brighter in the visible spectrum than I
    had guessed.
    Jim Zigan, Versailles, Indiana

    Thank you very much for your insight and knowledge. An a/c company was trying to sell me on installing the Steril Aire for only........ $2,690.00 yes.. only $2,690.00 can you believe it? Thanks again.........John

    The two 6 lamp custom units and the two single lamp Calutech
    Blues have brought my wife a tremendous amount of relief. When the
    outside mold count is in the thousands, as long as she stays in the
    house, she gets relief.
    Christopher Dinnes, Spicewood, Texas

    I look forward to receiving the new Snapcat and seeing what it does. The Hurricane has been great!
    Dr. Gordon Sudduth, The Woodlands, Texas

    Just wanted to let you know that the Calutech "Blue" arrived today in
    great shape. As you might remember, I bought a "blemished" unit. If
    there are any blemishes on it.......I sure as heck can't find them!
    I unpacked it and immediately installed it, and as promised, it
    couldn't have been easier! So far, I'm VERY impressed with it and I'm
    sure that I'll be writing again with a testimonial. Thanks again for
    all of your previous help and emails trying to help me figure out how to
    make it happen..........without getting a Paypal account...........that
    I ended up getting anyway!

    Best Regards,
    Robert Covell, Walkersville, Maryland

    The Blueray is doing a great job of improving the air quality! My wife says the air is fresher, softer, and calmer! The best part for me is my nose is no longer stuffed in the morning, thank you! I have really been impressed with the way CaluTech does business!
    Frank Melville, Saint Louis, Missouri

    The installation went really smooth. I didn't have to use a hole saw because I was replacing another manufactures light. It is sweet the way the new unit mounts. The light is definitely over built.
    B. Eckert, USAF Special Security Office, Florida

    First let me say we have had the 2 bulb unit (Blue UV air purifier model 9002CB) in the furnace above the A coil for only 6 days, and from day 1 started noticing relief from stuffy sinuses in the morning, and by the 3rd day, total relief. I know we have a mold issue that I will have to resolve in the future, but will be very expensive, so this is really working.
    Steve Halvorsen, Edina, Minnesota

    My brother is in medical research at Berkeley. He recommended some UV air purifier companies to me, but strongly recommended CaluTech. I looked into many others but found CaluTech to far exceed the quality I was expecting. I do not own a computer, although you sent more than enough information to me and were very helpful and informative when I would call. I am very pleased to learn that your UV air purifiers are manufactured in the U.S.A. Thank you for your time and patience.
    Irene Patton, Akron, Ohio

    On behalf of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, I would like to thank you for offering your goods or services to the hurricane relief efforts of 2005. ...Again thank you for your generosity and support during this trying time in our nations history.
    Al Martinez-Fonts, Assistant Secretary, Private Sector
    Department of Homeland Security

    I was so impressed with your prompt, helpful response this afternoon that I just placed an order for the 9002CB and four replacement bulbs.
    Steve Halvorsen, Edina, Minnesota

    I recently purchased your model 9002CB for mounting surface eradication of biologicals at the A coil. I was impressed with the unit and was considering installing 3 of these in an isolated area of the return.
    Ron Johnson, Lowell, Massachusetts - Acambis

    I did a mass mailing to every doctor in my town along with one to the administrator of our local hospital. Best wishes & much success.
    Brian Burch, Cheraw, South Carolina
    Wow! Maybe you should work here. Glad you liked the Blue UV air purifier so much!

    I wanted to inform you that I received the returned unit over the weekend - very fast service!
    E. Tyler, Pittsford, New York - Kodak

    I did a long search for a U.S. made air purifeir and an honest company. Doug is the best!
    Glenn MacRill, Houston, Texas
    Thank you Glenn! Doug was happy to hear that.

    I have a rare lung disease, called Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency Emphysema. It is a disease that has no cure yet. There are 116 million people (25 million Americans) that have Alpha-1 Emphysema Lung Disease. I think every Alpha-1 Lung Disease patient should have your UV air purifier. I have 14% lung capacity and use oxygen daily to breathe. 14 months ago my friend referred me to your company for help. I can honestly tell you that I have had much relief and you have made my life a little better since your Blue UV air purifier was installed in my air handler. Now I've added Snapcat because we found toxic mold in the basement. It's breaking down the mold problem as I write this.. Thank you very much, especially to Tony who has been a great help to me.
    Hank Busch, Illinois
    Our best wishes and prayers go out to you Hank. Thank you for your kind words, we hope our UV air purifier helps you even more.

    Received the equipment and everything looks great!
    Jack Scarpa, Huntsville, Alabama -- United Space Alliance

    I love how quickly odors disappear since I've installed the Mini-Blue!
    Glenn Daens, US Army, Chuluota, Florida

    I placed an order for Snapcat and last week I bought a 9002CB (Blue UV). Everything went very smooth and fast. I ordered it late Monday and it was delivered Friday. It was faster than I thought.
    Rudy Ramic, Brook Park, Ohio

    I just received my Calutech Blue in time to have my new air conditioner and gas furnace installed. The unit appears to be well made and has a terrific warranty to support it. After the new duct work was installed, I installed the unit while the installation team was completing my install. They inquired about it and were very surprised at the quality and specifications for the price. I used your template and drill bits and the installation couldn’t have been easier. The unit works great and I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you again and I guess we’ll be speaking in a year when I order my replacement bulbs.
    L. Goldman, National Vice President, Sales Channel Development
    Comcast Communications - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • RECEIVED AUGUST 12, 2005
    I recently purchased the Calutech Mini-Blue. It was very easy to install. We totally believe in it, and since my husband has severe asthma and allergies, we need something desperately! Thanks for your outstanding customer service...it means a lot in this day and age, and I think I can get you lots of business! I have about 5 people who are extremely interested in your product.
    Jill Molitor, Mt. Enterprise, Texas

  • RECEIVED JULY 29, 2005
    Your UV air purifiers are fantastic. They are phenomenal!
    Jerry Madden, Surprise, Arizona

  • RECEIVED JULY 2, 2005
    I received my Calutech Blue yesterday and had it installed in less than half an hour. Very good directions and the template worked excellent.
    J Wilcox, Collierville, Tennessee

  • RECEIVED JUNE 15, 2005
    Thanks for your excellent help. The package arrived yesterday afternoon as scheduled. I installed the unit (Blue model) this morning as you can see from the attachment (photo sent in email). The bracket is perfect and places the bulbs directly under the return air opening in the air handler. All of the pieces were as described on your website and the manual instructions were very clear. It has truly been a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again.
    Glenn Stevens, Cocoa, Florida
    This customer requested a custom steel mouting bracket needed to fit his ventilation system so he could use our CaluTech Blue UV system. We supply this type of custom work free of charge for current customers.

  • RECEIVED May 2, 2005
    Thank you for the 'as usual fast response and great service'.
    Larry Brister, Greeneville, Florida

  • RECEIVED APRIL 22, 2005
    I am most pleased with my unit and your company, and have passed your URL to several family/friends/coworkers.
    Ken DePetris, West Melbourne, Florida

  • RECEIVED APRIL 20, 2005
    Just a note to say thanks so much for all your help. You put together an awesome package. All the tools, instructions, visual aids, parts, etc., you go the extra mile. It is so nice to do business with people like you. I had questions and questions and you answered quick and even offered additional help. It was just a real nice experience. The units went together like a breeze, the large one that I thought I would need professional help was actually the easiest install of all five. We should give honor where honor is due and you all are certainly are doing an outstanding job. Please keep up the good work.
    Reggie Knowles, Ocala, Florida
    This customer installed a unit in his home, 3 in the church daycare area, and 1 in the church itself. We're happy to hear all went well with the UV air purifier installations.

  • RECEIVED APRIL 17, 2005
    I have been in the HVAC business for over 30 years. My son's HVAC instructor purchased one of your Air Duct UV 2 Lamps (Blue model 9002CB), they are very impressed with your product. The fantastic thing about your system is that it can be self installed, making it more attractive to the consumer.
    R. Bryant, Spokane, Washington

  • RECEIVED APRIL 12, 2005
    No question here -- just praise. Received your item a number of days ago. Easy to follow instructions for installation. Immediated difference in air quality noted. A wonderful product.
    The Meekers, Rogers, Arkansas
    Received from a CaluTech distributor, Perry, Iowa

  • RECEIVED MARCH 24, 2005
    I had ordered and received one CaluTech Blue 9002CB unit. It is installed and I am very pleased with the results.
    Gene Humburg, Eudora, Kansas

  • RECEIVED MARCH 23, 2005
    The Mini-Blue is working fantastic in our home. A product everybody needs, we know that now!
    The Cozzi House, Naperville, Ilinois

    I installed the new DSL furnace air purifier last week & I was impressed by the package. You provide simple instructions & I was able to install the unit in less than an hour. I caught an add on TV last night for a new car that is including a UV purifier in the interior air filtration system. It appears the benefits of UV air treatment is catching on. I have already talked to the people at my favorite hardware store, plumbing & heating company, and local gas company (that sells & installs furnaces & air-conditioning) and passed on your web address so they can look into providing your product locally.
    Kevin Applewick, Montevideo, Minnesota

    We installed the CaluTech Mini-Blue in our home about a week ago (2,300 Sq. Ft.). The musty odor in our crawl space is gone. The odors in the house are gone. My wife loves it. We cooked steak & onions, the odor was gone in minutes. My wife says the air in our house is like the air outside, very fresh. I'm impressed with your UV air purifier. I'd like to order a CaluTech Blue for my daughter in Chicago.
    The Drey Household, Tinley Park, Illinois

    I received my CaluTech Blue. Haven't installed it yet but I'm impressed with it already..
    Robert Krall, Erie, Michigan

    If anybody believes in the CaluTech Blue I do! It did a fantastic job with the humidity in my A/C. My coil looks like it just came out of the factory. The unit took out all the musty odor. Showed my doctor, he has air machines all over his office. My son in law has one too. They have two kids. It cleaned theirs up quite a bit and helped them a lot healthwise.
    William Ritter, Plantation, Florida

    It (CaluTech Blue) works fine and the air quality is super. We'll likely put one of these in our Phoenix house as well later in the year.
    Gerry Madden, West Vancouver, Canada

    I received the unit (CaluTech Blue) a couple of weeks ago, and I am sold on it..
    Joseph Oviguian, Mt. Prospect, Illinois.

    I had horrible sinus infections but as soon as I installed the CaluTech UV air purifier in my air duct they were gone. My grandkids even said they sleep better at my house then they do at home (since your unit was installed!).
    Mike Rogers, Leawood, Kansas

    It (CaluTech Blue) was a very easy product to install. The instructions were very clear. I had it in 15 min. The kit was also very well packaged. I was a little concered when it came via UPS, since they feel every package is a basketball, but it was well protected on the inside. I have a large dog, so my house has always smelled like dog when I got home. The following day, when I got home, I did not notice the smell (and it was raining to). So it apears to be working well. I was suprised to see the 10 year waranty. If I was you, I would have no doubt about carrying the product.
    Tim Motel, Big Bend, Wisconsin

    To confirm your inquiry about the purchase, the UV air purifier systems you supplied to our building are working just fine. Thank you for checking.
    The United Nations, 2 UN Plaza, New York

    I purchased an Oreck air purifier two weeks ago and it didn't work like they said it would, and then I found out my daughter in law bought your CaluTech Blue. When I walked into the house I noticed right away that something was different, I could just tell the air was not the same. My son has Asthma and he said he has been much better since they put in your air purifier. I would like one for my home too!
    Alicia Coward, Pennsauken, New Jersey

    I am a healthcare inspector/architect and I have recommended your unit (CaluTech Blue) to many friends and clients here in south Florida...mold is a big problem down here as you might know.
    Richard Londono, Miami, Florida - ADAAG Consulting

    Hi, I wanted to send you an email real quick to express my amazement. In September I installed a Blue UV air purifier for a lady who bought from you. I am an HVAC contractor in Texas. The woman asked us to put in this light unit and we actually suggested it was a joke, that there's no way UV light will clean the air or do anything. How wrong I was! Two weeks after the install we came back to check a burning smell the woman reported and thought it was your unit. Ends up one of the air filters we installed ripped and fell onto the hot side of the burners. Anyway, while we were inspecting I noticed the coil condensers were shiny like new, where just a couple weeks ago they were full of sludge & mold. Even the air ducts looked clean, I actually asked her if she had them cleaned but she didn't. I am quite impressed and would be interested in becoming a distributor of your products, plus I'm ordering one for myself after I send this email. Technology is amazing these days!
    Steve Henzel, San Antonio, Texas - Heating & Air Conditioning

    What a difference in the air!! This is a product everyone should own!.
    This testimonial was received by a CaluTech dealer in Iowa.

    Just wanted to give you a brief update. One will be medical proof and the other does not reach that standard but still true. Yesterday I had my monthly doctor’s visit and for the first time since December of 2001, I was not wheezing! Even with the medications I had been wheezing … now I only take one (instead of 3-4) for asthma and no wheezing. The only difference is using the Hurricane for a full month. It is still the height of allergy/asthma season in the Houston area. The doctor was quite impressed! The 2nd thing – not provable – is that last weekend our senior in college daughter came home with the flu … and soon on her heels our teacher daughter came home with a stomach virus (she lives on her own). In the past, I would have contracted one of these illnesses – my immune system is shot – but did not get either! I did not even turn the Hurricane up to high power – just let it run on low the entire time. So, I am incredibly impressed! Not just with the machine but with you guys! I still encourage you to place your own story on your site. Knowing how and why you built the Hurricane speaks loudly about who you are and the kind of system you manufacture.
    This testimonial was an update from Dr. Gordon Sudduth in Texas. He left a testimonial earlier above on the CaluTech Hurricane.

    I installed it (CaluTech Blue) yesterday with no problems at all, I was very impressed with the packaging first of all, I was concerned about the bulbs in the mail but they were so well protected it would have taken a hell of a
    lot to damage them in transit. I was also impressed with the overall
    quality of the base unit, heavy, well constructed. I did a lot of
    comparing and yours has the best warranty I found, the brightest lamps
    single and combined by far, and the cost for replacement bulbs is very
    reasonable compared to others.
    I don't know if it is just coincidence but ever since we closed up the
    house at night my son who has allergies has been stuffed up and I
    usually wake with a headache here and there. Well letting the fan run
    on circulation all day I noticed last night my son didn't need his nose
    spray for the first time in a long time, and I woke with no stuffed
    nose. I have no complaints and am pleased with the primary results
    after 1 day.... that thanks for a great product.
    Bill Rycraft, Bolingbrook, Illinois
    Sent in by a dealer in Perry, Iowa who sold this unit.

    Your (CaluTech) Blue UV air purifier is built like a tank. I'm glad to see something manufactured like it's 1950, all that tough U.S. Steel. Very nice!
    Hank McMaster, Horizon Heating & Air Conditioning, Phoenix, Arizona
    Sent in by a customer who bought from a dealer in Scottsdale, Arizona

    Hello guys. I wanted to give you an update on the Hurricane as you requested. There are a number of things I have noticed since turning it on and running it for 24 hours on high and since then on high during the day and lower at night. But first, our home is about 2700 square feet and is 2 story. So, to run it on high I pull it into the foyer so that it has access to upstairs. The first thing I noticed is that it removes any odors within a couple of hours – from food that has been cooked, etc. That really amazed me. After a week, I noticed that my asthma had improved to the point that I no longer needed my inhaler in the house. I have 3 meds for asthma – the inhaler, a powder that is in a discus, and a pill. I have stopped taking the pill and have only used the powder and inhaler a couple of times this week. That in itself is amazing because we are in the worst allergy/asthma part of the year aside from the spring. In addition, the care you guys give to your customers is top notch. I cannot use enough superlatives to describe how attentive you are to us. Somehow those who are considering one of your systems should know this. There truly are no more honest or trustworthy people out there than you. I appreciate that as much as the machine. Needless to say, I am quite impressed! Feel free to use any of this you would like to. I love this machine and already see great benefits.
    Dr. Gordon Sudduth, Houston, Texas

    Installation (CaluTech Blue) was a piece of cake & took only 15 minutes.
    Frank McMullin, Aston, Pennsylvania

    I love the unit. Easy to install and looks very well made.
    J. LeMaster, General Electric Consumer & Industrial
    This testimonial was received by a CaluTech dealer in Iowa.

    Dear Calutech,
    My Daughter suffered constant allergy symptoms since birth. My wife, son
    and I suffered flu like symptoms - ear & nose infections, sore throats, and
    headaches year round. Not until the beginning of this year, May 2004, did
    we realize the cause of our health problems.
    For the last 14 years, rain had been seeping into the walls of my Daughter's
    room. This year strong winds and heavy rains caused roof leakage and rain
    damage into the attic and walls of the house. We had major black mold
    present making the house inhabitable.
    Upon learning of Calutech, we contacted you for a CaluTech Blue Air UV air purifier, notifying you of our extreme situation. The Calutech Blue
    arrived, installation that evening was made easy by the template and to my
    amazement even drill bits were supplied. By the next day, we were able to occupy the house without any of the symptoms we previously had suffered. Renovations were undertaken to rid the house of the mold, and the Calutech Blue continues to provide a healthy environment. ALL health officials, and heating/cooling companies should be made aware of Calutech and its Air UV purifiers. A proactive approach would eliminate needless suffering by many people.
    Our deepest gratitude to Calutech,
    M. Camara
    Vixenvale Kennels
    Ontario Canada

  • RECEIVED MARCH 26, 2004
    We installed the CaluTech Blue last weekend, and I have to tell you that I myself have not had any sinus problems since. I'm always congested, have been for years, but not anymore. Thank you!
    Hawthorne Press, Spring Grove, Illinois

    The Calutech Blue is a really great product. I told all my friends and have 5 more customers for you.
    Havis Waldrop, Shreveport, Louisiana

    We bought the Calutech Blue to install in a customer's home. This woman has had bad allergies and nasal problems for a long time. She told us the next morning her sinuses were clear. I couldn't believe it worked that fast. You can depend on us buying a lot more Calutech Blue air purifiers.
    Bourque Mechanical Systems, Rensselaer, New York

    Hi and thanks, The shipment arrived Wednesday and everything was packed well. Thank you for the shipment notifications. The Calutech Blue installs easily. Your directions were very good and simple, and the unit is A very solid piece of equipment.
    Robert Zaki, Dearborn, Michigan

    The CaluTech Blue is a very nice air purifier. We would like to order another one.
    Coral View Surgery Center, Miami, Florida
    This medical center purchased 3 UV air purifiers for their medical clinic. After they received them they called us back and bought another one.

    First things first - Happy Turkey Day Calutech! - We have received our Calutech Blue air purifier and installed it last night. What in the world is this thing doing? We feel fantastic today, is this coincidence? I'm a heavy smoker and so is the wife so we always snore snore snore and wake up every morning with this weird drip in our throats, hard to explain unless you smoke a lot. Anyway, today we wake up and both of us, almost at the same time, looked at each other and said "hey, I can breathe easier". We both noticed a change in the air and we both felt very rested this morning. This is really weird, I've never heard of such a product that changes your feelings. Is this possible or am I just going crazy?.
    Tom & Brenda Anderson, Brooklyn, New York
    Mr. Anderson wrote back again 3 days later, said he still feels fantastic. Well, we don't know if it was the Calutech Blue or not, but happy to hear you're so energetic!

  • RECEIVED MAY 26, 2003
    Thanks for working with us and getting the air purifiers expedited to our FAA facility.
    Federal Aviation Administration, California

    Just want to let you know you have a wonderful product. I ordered another one for my other unit. I love it. I hope it works for our better health.
    Theodore Awad, Towson, Maryland

    I purchased your unit. I received it today...this thing is a little honey. Last year was my worst year for allergies and it started early and is still going. I was afraid I was going to become a bubble boy. I took every prescription allergy med my specialist prescribed. I even bought on of your CaluTech Blue UV systems. It helped a lot. Then last December I bought one of your small wall units. I could not believe the difference it made in our guest bathroom. After an hour this little jewel produced. Everybody I know could use one of these units.
    The best customer you could have
    Jim Wheeler, Dwight, Illinois

  • RECEIVED AUGUST 21, 2002
    Just got home with our newborn boy (the main reason for purchasing your product) and was happy to see that the CaluTech Blue was on my door step, but the really surprising thing was that you also included the drill bits required for completing the installation. After just having a new child I would not have really had enough time to get the tools together and get it installed so quickly. It is not very often that a customer gets Everything they need without asking for it.

    Thanks for making my purchase even easier.

    Looking forward to a healthier home and family.
    Ed Kikendall Jr. - Indianapolis, Indiana

    I am a banker and not a mechanic, carpenter or electrician. The installation of the UV purification system took me about 10 minutes. Very straight forward instructions, and the supplied template and drilling bits made the installation a "no-brainer", even for a novice like me. I had to run romex wire to a plug and that took about another 10 minutes.
    I woke up this morning (5:30am-Central time...check the time on this email for proof) feeling charged and rested with my sinuses clear and no congestion for the first time in months. I have had recurring sinus infections which have cause me to take continuing antibiotics.
    With these apparent results overnight, the unit should pay for itself with the reduction of Doctor Bills and prescriptions in a matter of months!
    You may use my emails as testimonials, because it is truth.
    Guy Yancey
    San Angelo, Texas (Guy's email was time stamped 5:51 AM)

  • RECEIVED MARCH 8, 2002

    Dear Calutech company, I installed your uv air purifier after seeing uv on tv and I have to say, it's impressive. My little boy has suffered from severe asthmatic conditions since he was born. He is 6 years old, and I'm happy to say he's breathing better. You've done more for my son than doctors have for the past 5 years. After 6 days hospitalization at 7 months old, after nebulizer treatments every hour at home, after vacerinil inhalers, after lots of prescriptions like Albuterol syrup and steroid syrup, my son can sleep without coughing all night. You guys should be on Oprah.

    My many thanks to you for an excellent product. If you ever need a referral, you have my full permission to use my endorsement. I've never felt so solid about a product before. This is true American machinery!

    Yours in God, Ashley Henderson

    (Mrs. Henderson lives in the midwest region of the United States)

  • RECEIVED MARCH 2, 2002 (Reprinted with permission)

    It has been over a month since we purchased our CaluTech Blue Air UV air purifier from CaluTech. We are very satisfied with it. So far our skin allergies have been reduced significantly. My wife has suffered from A-topic dermatitis on her hands for over two years. Topical ointments and pregnisone (not prednisone) were a large part of her life. Now with the new CaluTech Blue Air UV air purifier she hasn't had to take anything for nearly a month. We are in the middle of flu, cold and stomach bug season. Typically when one child would get sick they would all get sick. Now with our new CaluTech air purifier we have experienced less sickness. This has been one of the best investments we have made in our 11 years of marriage.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Sincerely, Rich & Barb, Bethany, Rebecca, Leah & Sarah

    This family lives in Cayuga, New York

    I love the DIY you send with the unit, a real time saver! A big A++ on the UV air purifier construction. This thing is heavy duty, thanks!
    John Songer, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
    (DIY = Do it yourself kit)

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