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air purifiers, ultraviolet air purifiers, uv air purifiers
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UV lights now being installed in mobile medical vehicles such as ambulances.

Mobile medical vehicles such as ambulances need to be clean & sterile for both patient transport & staff safety. Now with the addition of CaluTech UV lights one ambulance company has made a step into the latest technology available from CaluTech UV. Ridge Ambulance of Illinois had CaluTech design & install the very first UV light system for ambulance & mobile medical use. A great addition to any mobile medical unit frequently exposed to biohazards such as airborne viruses & bacteria. By reducing the pathogens in the air with a sterilizing UV-C germicidal light source these mobile medical vehicles are the safest in regards to airborne infection dangers. If you had a choice, would you want to be transported to the hospital in this ambulance pictured with sterilized air, or an ambulance without it?

CaluTech can offer custom solutions to any mobile medical vehicle from ambulances to blood donation mobiles and more. Contact us to learn how to get your ambulance, mobile medical, or EMS unit set-up with our super high output UVC germicidal air sterilizing systems.

UV air purifier technology as seen on TV.

Air purifiers, ultraviolet air purifiers, uv air purifiers.


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